iPhone SE 2020 Review

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Re: iPhone SE 2020 Review

Greybeard2017 wrote:

Some preliminary thoughts about the new SE from someone who is switching from the original SE and hasn't used any other iPhone.

The most obvious and biggest difference is the size, weight and form factor of the new phone - these are all negatives but after a couple of weeks (and after shipping back the old phone) I'm sure I'll forget about the difference. Its still very easy to carry everywhere.

The same is true of the home button - I much prefer the feel of the original button - feels much more mechanical and solid than the new button - presumably the change helps with weather proofing (which is a definite positive) so I'm sure I'll get used to it.

I never really do any heavy duty processing on my phone so, although everything works very quickly with the new chip I never really had any problems with the old one.

The camera seems a significant upgrade - after comparing a few images there seems to be more detail and an improvement in sharpness. Daylight images are very good - at this time of year the light is very difficult - bright sunshine and deep shadows and the camera does a pretty good job. It does seem to be prone to blowing out highlights sometimes (such as white flowers on a green foliage background) but again these are difficult subjects. The camera won't replace my Fuji but again its much easier to carry everywhere.

As I've noted on the forum before I would have preferred an improved camera system - and would have been willing to pay extra to get it - but can perfectly understand why Apple compromised to achieve the price.

Did you see a speed improvement in day to day operations?  How is the call quality on the new SE?  Thanks

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