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Re: Recommendations For DAM Software

No offence but it seems to me that someone without much experience is trying to force software to work in a way that it was not designed & so problems have developed, software is blamed & inexperienced expectations are not realistic for whatever has been done & is now trying to be fixed or kludged.

Many of us have zero problems that you have encountered with exactly the same software, so I'm not sure why it's buggy for you but not others?

Culling is FAST when previews ARE NOT CREATED or not rendered larger than the in camera preview. This info is likely in all the software Help files, or is for software that I've used. CULL FIRST, THEN IMPORT TO A CATALOGUE OR DAM, you can make finer culls in the dam after importing far fewer files & creating fewer high res previews for the DAM ( which can be slow depending on hardware & #'s of images & size & size of preview files to be created ..... that's the nature of the beast that you cannot bend to your will.)

DAM renaming functions are also fast, again not sure what road block you have caused. Renaming can also be done on import, after culling, again with far fewer files or as a batch selection after importing.

Search the forum(s) as DAM software has been discussed to death & also in great length very recently, so no need to ask others to retype comments, which is very time consuming for others, but hey, if they want to even though all the info can be found in a search, the so be it.

Consider buying or reading The DAM Book by Peter Krogh & go to his website of the same name for more info. You can find it with a web search. Also he contributed a great deal to .

If you want metadata to be read by other programs, then you are going to have to follow the rules for whatever file type that you are using & do it the way that the software writing the metadata is designed to. This often requires really reading & understanding the software manual & settings. Most folks don't, want to do it THEIR way & screw up file metadata that cannot be read properly. Also, proprietary info cannot be written or at least read by non proprietary software.

Rethink YOUR way of doing things, as it clearly isn't great or working that well & instead of inventing the wheel, consider how say Peter Krogh suggests designing a workflow. I've never read negative comments from him (or many others) like yours, with problems like yours. Perhaps start over once you know more? It may be faster than trying to pound your square peg into the round hole?

Or not ..... Others will chime in to repeat info that is already in this & other forums (& the web) that you could instantly find with a search. Sigh.

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