Black Magic pocket film camera

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Re: Black Magic pocket film camera

Hi phoozy, thanks for that. Sorry late reply. i know about the short battery life and i think there is no autofocus as well. But it is a v nice picture. . I was also looking at fuji xt-20 film simulation modes. Have you used that?

I will check out the v1, thanks. A quick look says the sensor is quite small. Can you get shallow dof with it?

Hi Cineguy, the bmpcc sensor size is about the same as the V1.
The BMPCC does have an AF-Button but the AF is not continuous.

DOF: You would have to spend some money on Nikon 1 lenses (the 18.5mm 1.8 or the 32mm 1.2) to get good dof - otherwise buy a FT1 adaptor and attach some Nikon F lenses.

Take care.

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