Update from owner of Case 3 E-M5iii tripod mount failure

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Re: Update from owner of Case 3 E-M5iii tripod mount failure

Joe Lynch wrote:

I discussed how I used the camera with Olympus USA after they received my 5iii and Olympus has since replaced my camera body at no cost. I am very happy with their response, and am very happy with the replacement body, which I have used extensively this week using the Olympus camera strap and lugs, with nothing attached at the tripod mount.

I am perfectly happy to minimize use of the tripod mount now that I know the limitations. I'll just use my other bodies when I know I'll be manually focusing a macro lens many many times on a tripod.

I'm back to using the 5iii as I originally intended--as a very light carry and truck camera with a small kit lens, hand held. It is excellent for that usage. Most buyers will never put any significant loads on the tripod mount and that will be good for everyone, including Olympus. The 5iii tripod mount area design is just not as robust as the 5ii or 1 bodies. I have accepted this limitation and am quite happy with the camera and with Olympus.


Is this irony, or is it a statement Olympus "asked for", that you made at this place where your earlier complaint was publicised, in order for them to "happily" get you a new unit??

Whatever the case, I wish you luck with this futore, somewhat crippled, use pattern for your E-M5.3.

(and of course the second question is one that you possibly may not be able to answer ..)

Except for the tripod mount "mis-design" it really seems to be a very competent and good camera.

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