Olympus PEN-F vs OM-D E-M5 Mark II trying to decide

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Re: Olympus PEN-F vs OM-D E-M5 Mark II trying to decide

gary0319 wrote:

philippe luyckx wrote:

gary0319 wrote:

Like pdk42, I had the E-M5 II and now the Pen F. Unlike pdk42, I would choose for your stated use the Pen F. I shoot both JPEGs and Raws and use the Pen F creative modes a lot, I mean a LOT. Being able to switch between Color chrome-like, Mono, and one of my favorite Art filters with the simple twist of the front dial while the camera is at my eye is priceless.

Whether on the street, or hanging in my shoulder while trapsing the boonies with my E-M1 II, the Pen F is now a constant in my photographic life.

If you like to easily switch from one art filter mode to another, the front dial is not so ex

ceptional, you could just choose your favourite filters and attribute them to C1-C2-C3 & C4 just like I do with my Nikon. Just turn the nob to your likings

You are correct that the standard Olympus art filters can be assigned to the custom mode dial settings.

However, it is not just the art filters that are under the control of the front creative dial. Mostly, I use the front dial for access to the Pen F’s unique jpeg color and mono profiles, which are not available at all with the other Olympus cameras.

That's an interesting way of working that I shall have to try out -- using presets to preview the look of the final output while shooting. I'm not sure how reliable the viewfinder (even less the LCD screen) is in that regard, compared to viewing on a full size monitor which always looks different to me. However, I'm open to new ways.

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