Why do people recommend Dji Mavic 2 pro over Phantom 4 pro

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Re: Why do people recommend Dji Mavic 2 pro over Phantom 4 pro

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mmarian wrote:

Portability and new Ocusync with full HD 1080 video feedback might be the main attraction for most people. P4P is relatively old technology but purely for IQ of stills and even more so for video the P4P will beat the Mavic 2 Pro any day. For some also 24mm lens on Phantom camera might be more attractive option than the 28mm on Mavic. The 10bit LOG is more of a gimick than a real advantage. P4P footage recorded in 4K D-Cinelike at 30fps allows for plenty of tweaking in post and the results could be very nice indeed. And all that without pixel binning and line skipping😉, allegedly price paid for the small form factor of Mavic 2 Pro and the way DJI dealt with heat..

I will be going fo P4P then. I w4on't have any problem lugging p4p around plus I stand to save over $400 on a used one.

Buying a second hand drone should be always approached with great deal of caution. Unless you are buying from someone you know and trust it is little bit like the quote from Forest Gump, you never know what you going to get. There is plenty of stuff inside a drone, electronics and mechanics a they all need to be in perfect condition for a drone to function properly. My advise to you, test thoroughly before you commit. If for whatever reason you can not, buy new. Then you will have warranty and point of return if something is not right. You could save yourself a lots of hassle, saving a few $$ might not be worth it.

Just my 2c

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