Planning for my DSLR Future and I think it's the 7D Mark II

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Re: Planning for my DSLR Future and I think it's the 7D Mark II

cnyphotoguy wrote:

You haven't mentioned what type of photography you're interested in. I moved from a T6i to the 90D in January which was based on my sports photography - the increase in FPS was fantastic to capture more action. But for every other photo I take I think the upgrade was a much more minor benefit.

First, thanks to all who replied thus far.

My two main areas of focus are opposite ends of the spectrum:  on one end, street photography and architecture.  On the other end, wildlife including birds in flight.

Ironically, fast, accurate AF, hi fps, and a big buffer helps me for both ends of the spectrum.  For tracking and capturing  birds and other animals it’s obvious.  But, while cityscapes and architecture don’t move, my family DOES, and they get irritated when I slow them down to take pictures.  So aiming, locking and shooting quickly, and firing off multiple shots quickly so I can cover all angles and pick the best later, is helpful.  
The T6 is much more reliant on the focus speed of the lens motor than of the AF, which is kind of lackluster and not quick to switch between.  I find I use my always on manual focus on my lenses  a lot, especially at longer focal lengths.

Does anyone sell the 7D used with low shutter count and a warranty?

Thanks again!

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