New rumours on the Oly 100-400

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Re: Pana vs Oly 100-400

Wtechie takes pics wrote:

It's so interesting because Panasonic has the exact same lens.

The new 150-400 + TC already has a target audience before its introduction, and will top the defense budget of some small countries; it's actually boring. It's going to be fabulous, can take pictures in absolute darkness and it's way beyond my reach. Yawn.

But this 100-400 is actually tantalizing.

Somehow Olympus thinks they can do much better on an already existing lens.
So either it's going to be much cheaper (It's Olympus, fat chance). Much lighter? Stabilized? What on Earth is it going to be that the existing Panasonic does not already provide?

I think they’re going after those of us who passed on the Pany because of mount issues, and lack of dual IS with Oly cams, and repair horror stories. I for one, will snap it up.

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