Third-party alternatives to NP-W126s (UK)

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Re: Third-party alternatives to NP-W126s (UK)

James H MacAllister wrote:

deednets wrote:

James H MacAllister wrote:

deednets wrote:

dd1989 wrote:

Indeed, most 3rd party (even good ones) Batteries do not have the Thermistor that the OEM one has, but merely a resistor set to measure a specific output to trick chargers and the camera to thinking they are real.

Haha, my unreal ones work well, so just call me blissfully ignorant 😎

i also have a couple of Wasabi, which by comparison are really not good.

How are the Wasabi not good? They're what I've been using. Besides a slightly less discharge time, I don't see a difference from the OEM.

Because my ones only last for a rather short time. I also have a few Wasabi for my RX1 and it's the same issue: nowhere near the performance of the originals.

Bad copies?? Or "fake" Wasabis?? Anything is possible.

Mine are only a couple months old, maybe I'll see a faster degradation over the coming months. Otherwise, currently I only see maybe a 25 shot difference from the OEM.

I bought two and a funky dual charger at the same time. One seems to work well and the discharge indication is stable. The other will suddenly die at a very random time one it hits about 50% discharge.. weird!

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