Third-party alternatives to NP-W126s (UK)

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Re: Third-party alternatives to NP-W126s (UK)

deednets wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:

Hey Deed,

On a camera equipment forum it is considered unwise or at least bad form to talk politics, religion or taxation (which is politics). Plus it is clearly against the rules even if we wanted to.

I'm not saying you did that here or that you broke a rule.

But we can't mention or even hint at (much less actually debate) politics, political systems or taxation here on this international camera equipment forum and website. To do so would be absolute folly and lead to a horrible outcome that solves nothing but to get everyone instantly angry.

Heck, over here in America right now we know not to mention politics to our friends or even in many cases our Family.

I was only trying to come to grips for my own sake as to why those original batteries are so expensive.

When you break this down you can't avoid also talking about taxes. At least here in NZ you can't.


Unless its changed (and I grew up in New Zealand so I do have a bit of a clue,) the govt charges a tarif if you want to call it that on items they considered luxury items (and Cameras were always that) and that may be part of the difference. It was why the grey market did so well there for so many years.

As far as the batteries go its almost as touchy as taxes and politics. Everyone seems to have their own favorite flavor they had good luck with.  Personally I used a couple of brandX in my X-e2 but the annoying message in the X-t3 has kept them as emergency spares now.  I actually think I have had more fuji batteries go dead in the water than any other kind.

I see claims of real "s" batteries but they always seemsed so close to the real thing price I just went that route. Be interesting to actually see if they have a static resistance on that senses pin or one that changes with temp...

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