Panasonic G9 + 12-60 focus noise and screen distortion

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Re: Panasonic G9 + 12-60 focus noise and screen distortion

AFC is for tracking moving subjects and stands for Auto Focus Continuous.  The noise you hear is the Auto Focus mechanism hunting for a moving subject.  If you set the camera focus to AFS (Auto Focus Single), the camera locks focus immediately while half pressing the shutter button and you shouldn't 't hear any noise.

freebil wrote:

Hello. I am very new to photography. Recently I bought panasonic g9 with the kit lens 12-60 and I have 2 questions.

1.) When I have a led light opened in the room, AFC focus selected and half shutter on the subject, I hear a continuous noise for all the time I am pressing half the shutter. Maybe it is trying to focus. Is it normal? When there is no light opened, I hear the noise only for some milliseconds.

2.) When I half shutter to an object, the screen is distorting for a little amount of time. Is it normal?

Please check the video.

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