Capture One 20...supports Prophoto RGB for exports?

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Re: Capture One 20...supports Prophoto RGB for exports?

SatoriGFX wrote:

flyinglentris wrote:

SatoriGFX wrote:

It’s there on my MacBook but it’s called ROMM RGB. Not sure why they don’t have it listed as ProPhoto RGB. But they are the same profile.

Many Colorspace/Color Profiles are part of the Operating System's cadre and may not be specific to C1, but C1 will find them with Show All.

Absolutely. On my MacBook ColorSync shows only ROMM RGB as being installed, not ProPhoto RGB. One could certainly install ProPhoto RGB if they want it to display as such.

Consider also that ProPhotoRGB is usually used as a translation go-between because of its large Color Gamut. It would likely rarely, if ever, be used to output for device compatibility or print. So, that being said, why is the OP wanting to use it, to see Colors that are being clipped by the Colorspace Gamut currently in use?

[Edit]  He does refer to his concern with regard to not seeing it for Export.

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