A few thoughts on the R5

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Re: A few thoughts on the R5

The emphasis on the video now is marketing. For those that want it, it is very relevant. But it doesn't mean this is a video centric camera. No more so than 1DX3, which also does both exceedingly well. The handling and design is about the same as EOS R, with better ergonomics for shooting stills like having a joystick and back dial. 20 fps electronic and 12 fps mechanical shooting will be nice, esp if the buffer is decent size.  Canon certainly hasn't made it more video friendly in handling.

The R5 simply addresses the market needs of today. Many people who want a high prosumer level stills camera that can do video work for YouTube, personal or simple on site project videos.  If the camera only has the the stills feature, it won't sell nearly as well, period.   I have no need for video, but if the competition has a similar performing stills camera with better video features, many may prefer the latter.  So far, on both features, R5 is very competitive depending on the MSRP.  Many features on the video has no peer in the current market, and hence Canon is marketing it by revealing little bits of the spec month to month. Generating hype. It's working.

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