About to buy Dell XPS 15 - what else should I consider

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Re: About to buy Dell XPS 15 - what else should I consider

Indiglo50 wrote:

Wow I am developing cold feet.. thanks a lot for your input folks.

Maybe I should talk a bit more about my constraints and use cases:

1. I am a hobbyist, not a professional. I am usually not batch processing 100s of images. Photoshop is for light retouching - so mostly lightroom work

2. Budget - I would love to buy an I9, but I am hoping to spend <2K

3. Lightweight is an important criterion for me. I travel a lot with my laptop - so wouldn't a heavy piece of equipment to lug around

4. I thought hard about Macbook - but if we were to look at specs only, XPX offers better value. A similar specced MacBook will be $2600. How is that folks don't have performance issues with MacBook - even though its specs are very similar to XPS

I wouldn't worry too much about the i9 in this case. It's when your importing thousands of photos that the power of that really comes through. Or if you can wait a bit the i7's that were just announced are 8 core CPU's so those will be in the XPS15 whenever Dell refreshes it.

There also are a bunch of new AMD Ryzen CPU's which look to be right up there with Intel's while using less power and their 7 series processor is also an 8 core. And on the desktop side the Zen2 core these are based on did better than intel's chips with the same number of cores in LR.


The big question with that is if they will be putting those chips just in gaming computers or ones better suited to photo work which mostly will come down to the screen.

But with your uses going that high in specs is mostly future proofing. I have a Dell gaming 7000 laptop with an i7-7700HQ/GTX1050Ti and it has no issues editing 42MP files. The big thing though if you start looking at other computers is to make sure that it has a dedicated GPU. I have a smaller laptop with i5 quad core while it's only slightly slower in bursts VS the i7 it only has the integrated GPU and that makes it feel like a much slower computer in the Develop module of LR.

The other thing to think about is the screen. The XPS's 4k is great but if you look at anything else especially a gaming laptop check out its' color accuracy and brightness.

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