FireFox 75.0 Printing and Other Problems

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FireFox 75.0 Printing and Other Problems

After the update to 75.0, Web pages no longer print properly.

Specially, if you have Web pages that would take several pages to print (think a large order), FF 75.0 will, on some sites, print only the first and last pages.

On others , it will print the first two pages and the last page.

These same sites will print all pages on Chrome and IE, so the problem is clearly in FF.

FF help has several suggested steps to cure printing problems in FF.

I've tried all of them, and none corrected the problem.

Any suggestions (other than the ones I've already tried - i.e., all the ones in FF Help) would be appreciated.

And yes, I tried reinstalling v. 75.0, and reverting to an earlier profile.

Anything else to try, short of a 'Refresh'  or a complete uninstall? In either case, I'm not at all sure about getting back my settings, add-ons, bookmarks, etc, give the problems I had when I changed from the extended release version to the regular one a couple of years back.

There are other things in 75.0 that don't work as well as in 74.x, but I can live with them if I can get the printing problem fixed.

I'm wondering if it's time for a new browser? But which - Chrome gives to Google everything you do on the Web, IE is glacial and has other problems, and Edge is a new world, rather learning all over again.

I'll see if there's an update for FF soon, and if it solves the problem.

In the meantime, I'll see if I can begin to make sense of Edge.

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