Custom Mid-Range PC Build for Photo and Video editing, help

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Re: Custom Mid-Range PC Build for Photo and Video editing, help

Tmjc wrote:

If I were you I would be looking at the amd ryzen 3000 series cpu, something like the 3700x or 3900x (I´d skip the 3800x it doesn´t improve performance over the 3700x much). They offer much better value than Intel right now.
Here is a good performance breakdown for lightroom cpu performance:

What video editing software do you use? Premiere Pro can utilize the iGPU of Intel cpus and therefore Intel cpus are significantly faster. In all other programs amd is faster (price for price)
As for the GPU I would look at the 1660 ti as it performs similarly to the 1070 while using less power and (probably?) beeing cheaper. The 1070 is now nearly 2 generations old so if you don´t have a really good deal for one I would recommend that you get a more recently released model.

This.  Also I'd look to see if there's any bottlenecking if you used a SATA SSD for data.  You'd still want a 250-500GB NVME for the OS/scratch disk but this could give you more storage and also make upgrading really easy later on.

As for the GPU I'd go with a RTX2060 KO from EVGA, it uses the chip from the 2080 but with some parts disabled to make it perform in games like the regular 2060.  But it still has some of the other 2080 features enabled so if they're ever utilized it'll give you a boost.  And even if photo/video programs never do it's only 300 dollars so it's a great deal too at only 20 bucks more than the 1660 Ti but with better performance.

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