GFX 50S Durability / Repair Cost

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Re: Invest in the future, not the past

icor1031 wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

Lobbamobba wrote:

And if we are honest there is nothing a mirrorless can do that a DSLR didn't do first and arguably better.

Uh, how about:

  • Live Histogram in finder
  • Zebras in finder
  • B&W conversion in finder
  • Use short FFD lenses
  • AF accurately without tuning
  • Accurate MF in finder
  • No mirror slap
  • IBIS, at least for MF DSLRs


Does this mean that I can use my Sigma/Tamron lenses with a mirrorless Canon camera and I'll no longer need Reikan FoCal or the manufacturer's docks?

Yes, at least with Sony A7rII.

Just keep in mind that it is possible that AF is not as accurate as with mirrorless lenses. Not saying it is so, but it may be so.

Just to say, I am quite happy shooting Canon 16-35/4L, Canon 24-105/4L and Canon mount Sigma 24-105/4 Art on my Sony A7rII.

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