Moving an old Dell Laptop from Win 7 to Win 10

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Re: Moving an old Dell Laptop from Win 7 to Win 10

Yes it can be done EASILY!!!!  I've done this with a very old HP that originally came with Vista, added an SSD & it's still humming along very nicely.

Why have you not just done a web search? Whereupon you would find Microsoft Forums website with step by step directions & links? You would have had the info nearly instantly & have been done by now!!!!

Basically, you need an empty formatted 8 GB USB stick & then download to it, the Microsoft Media Creation Tool & run that. Then the W10 ISO will download to the stick & then you boot your computers to update from the USB stick & W10 is installed & updated. Mind blowingly easy.

Yes you can install SSD's before or after. Again, JUST TO A WEB SEARCH & STOP WASTING TIME. Also you can search YouTube. There are so many tutorial articles that have been written & videos on YouTube, that a web search will find them instantly.

Also you can search this forum as an "W10 fresh install" question was just asked & answered a few days ago, but really it was a waste of time mostly as the OP could have found the exact same & more info instantly, if he / she had only done a web search.

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