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Re: Is this the “new” pay again version?

James Stirling wrote:

Bobbert wrote:

Raynaud wrote:

Is this the new version that is not offered as a free upgrade?

Didnt Topaz announce the free upgrades are ending for those of us who bought their software?

Yes they did. And I for one don't blame them. Version 2.1.6 was a free update for those who bought Denoise AI originally though. I am quite happy to pay for upgrades for a product that gives me as much pleasure. And I don't need to upgrade every time if I don't want to. It is not a subscription model, and if it ever becomes one I'll bolt.

That is how I look at as well , how many upgrades to a stand alone product before it is actually a new product. Though there has been the odd firmware glitch the performance differences between the first and latest version are substantial. Their AI sharpen and AI gigapixel are also very good, they only thing I would like is the ability to work on selected parts of the image without the hassle of layers

If I want to work on only a part pf the image I use AI Remask, either to isolate a subject against a blurred background in one pass, or to create a layer in Affinity.

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