Looking for an ICC profile for Epson Premium Presentation Matte on SC-P800

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Re: So usually NOT fully color-managed

Eric Stevens wrote:

technoid wrote:

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

Then Epson has added an option similar to what some Canon drivers have--although IIRC those at least let you choose a rendering intent. As you say, at that point using this Epson driver you're not fully color-managed because you can't choose a rendering intent. Also, it's not clear (to me at least) from Eric's screen captures, but it doesn't look like he was choosing ICM Mode, and was instead showing Media Type options (I see in the third capture Mode: Off (No Color Adjustment) and in the fourth capture Current Settings ... Color Adjustment: Epson Standard (sRGB)).

My Epson 9800 can print color managed images directly from the driver. I tested this some time ago on Windows and accurately printed images in ProPhoto RGB with Photoshop using "Printer Manages Color." It also allows selection of different intents, Perc., Rel., Sat., and Abs. The only thing often used but missing is BPC.

With this and all the preceding discussion in mind I have just run off two A3+ (13" x 19") prints of the following image on Epson Premium Photopaper Glossy. One was Printer Manages Colors and the other was Photoshop Manages Colors.

There was a small but subtle difference between them. The Printer Manages Colors option had better defined detail and slightly richer colors. There is no doubt in my mind that the printer driver did a better job of managing the printed image than did Photoshop.

This is not an easy image from which to make a large print. The general level of lighting is obvious and it was taken many years ago with a Nikon D70.

My Canon 9500II would often make prettier prints using printer manages v application manages with their OEM profiles. Turned out printer managed pushed out, depending on where the colors were in the gamut, more saturated and sometimes lighter colors. Appears the engineers decided to alter things to achieve more "attractive" prints that don't use soft proofing and have good color managed workflow.

OTOH, using a fully color managed workflow I get prints that are indistinguishable, aside from bronzing type effects, on my three very printers. At least for images that are within all three printer gamuts.  Not possible to do with printer manages except for those that allow ICM and profile selection.

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