GFX 50S Durability / Repair Cost

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Re: Invest in the future, not the past

JimKasson wrote:

Lobbamobba wrote:

And if we are honest there is nothing a mirrorless can do that a DSLR didn't do first and arguably better.

Uh, how about:

  • Live Histogram in finder
  • Zebras in finder
  • B&W conversion in finder
  • Use short FFD lenses
  • AF accurately without tuning
  • Accurate MF in finder
  • No mirror slap
  • IBIS, at least for MF DSLRs


I'd add:

WYSIWYG EVF for real time exposure evaluation

WYSIWYG EVF for shooting with the chosen film simulation (i.e. Monochrome)

Real-Time Artificial Horizon for level

Real Time HUD for pitch and yaw

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