Custom Mid-Range PC Build for Photo and Video editing, help

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Re: Custom Mid-Range PC Build for Photo and Video editing, help

nutshellml wrote:

So I never got around to building a previous PC based more on my part-time photo business.

Times have changed and now I'm about 50% photos (Lr and Ps) and 50% video editing (Premier and GoPro software). No gaming. My current PC can't handle my GoPro HEVC files so I'm looking to build something new.

Budget under $1500.

Samsung EVO 970 Plus or Pro 500GB, preferably 1TB.

Other than than I'm open to suggestions. Was considering i5-9600 (k??), MSI A390-A Motherboard, 32GB RAM, type? and possibly GT1070 8GB video card

Other thoughts? Would love for someone to list an entire package out for me and here some constructive criticism or thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

You have it cooked up already, you are missing a cooler  (get a Noctua U12) and a PSU (if you can't salvage one. Get at least a 650W 80+ Bronze, from any brand). I would add studio headphones (look at the Audio-Technica M series). Factor in the Windows license cost, if you don't have one. Also, consider a high end monitor in the future. Eizo is repeatedly mentioned as a good brand.
Also, don't waste money on the case, use your previous case (check for CPU cooler clearance) or get a cheap, wide mid-tower.
Good luck!

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