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Photo Student wrote:

I would appreciate information/reviews for the best equipment to order for getting old photo films, slides, and 8 and super 8 mm movies into a digital form for archiving. These are old so I need equipment that will give me good detail.

Thank you!

NAwlins Contrarian makes some very good points.

What size are the film. If 35mm then one of the scanners he mentioned. If you have time and want a really good scanner I would say the Leafscan 35 for 35mm film and the Leafscan 45 that can handle up to 4x5 film. BUT the major downside is that these are SCSI scanners so now you open up another big can of worms and that is the computer(s) and software that you will need to get these up and running. To a lesser degree the Nikon Coolscan 8000 series is also a very nice scanner though for 35 I prefer the Leaf.

I guess the other question is, what are you going to do with the scans? If making big prints then yes highest quality will be important. If for the web, small prints then likely one of the crop of current film scanners will suffice.

As for the movie film, I'd probably not torture myself and get those digitized at a lab. Unless you know someone with a Telecine chain....

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