Custom Mid-Range PC Build for Photo and Video editing, help

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Re: Custom Mid-Range PC Build for Photo and Video editing, help

Cariboo wrote:

Have you searched this forum YET? This question gets asked & answered so often it will make your head ache from all the reading & you will get near instant answers to meet your own situation. Also search the web & YouTube, as again, "what's the best photo video editing PC gets asked a lot.

Will you get an exact specific answer to your exact specific needs & budget? Likely not as only you can decide what meet's both of these for YOU. You will have to make personal choices & compromises vs. being held by the hand & the exact recommendation you desire regurgitated for you.

Search first, then ask questions if you still need to?

Yup, I have, which is why I'm here asking.  I thought I had it down, until recently migrated to some light editing of home videos etc vs. all Lr/Ps.

The Web, yes, they recommend for intel, the i9-9900 / i7-9700, that is all over, but I specified, that I do non-professional video editing, light / home movie/cut/paste some effects, so that is why I'm here, to get a more detailed recommendation.  I checked FStoppers, etc, I have done research, now I'm here to get some more specifics.

There are many folks that like to build PCs and love to create systems, I used to be one way back in the day, family work... lost the knowledge/etc, which is why I'm here.

I do want someone to create a system, articulate why, and hear some opinions.   I def don't need what the internet says i9-9900 processor...

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