Looking for an ICC profile for Epson Premium Presentation Matte on SC-P800

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Re: So usually NOT fully color-managed

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

NAwlins Contrarian wrote: ... When you use printer manages colors, you're not using a fully color-manged workflow. ... even in the printer driver, you cannot choose an ICC profile.

Actually, you can choose the ICC profile with which the Printer Manages Color. Below is a screenshot of the driver dialog (accessed from within Picture Window Pro. Sorry PS folks, the universe is bigger than Adobe Inc.). Five "modes" are offered. You choose Off (No Color Adjustment) when your program manages color. You choose ICM when you want the printer to manage color using an ICC profile of your choice. You then go to the Advanced sub-dialog to choose which profile.

The price paid is that you don't get to choose Perceptual or Relative Colorimetric rendering intent, so indeed you give up that part of color management to the printer.

Then Epson has added an option similar to what some Canon drivers have--although IIRC those at least let you choose a rendering intent. As you say, at that point using this Epson driver you're not fully color-managed because you can't choose a rendering intent. Also, it's not clear (to me at least) from Eric's screen captures, but it doesn't look like he was choosing ICM Mode, and was instead showing Media Type options (I see in the third capture Mode: Off (No Color Adjustment) and in the fourth capture Current Settings ... Color Adjustment: Epson Standard (sRGB)).

I was trying to explain earlier confusion, not the full extent of how I manage colors. I don't do a great amount of printing and up to now I have mainly used Epson papers with Epson supplied profiles. I run a fully colour managed work flow with the exception that I cannot calibrate my printer. For a variety of reasons which I don't really want to go into I long ago decided against the use of ICM. I am fully satisfied that within the limitations of the paper and the ink,  the ability of my printer to match what I see on the screen is generally excellent.

And yes, I do use rendering intent which is usually set to Perceptual. Color Adjustment has to be set to something and if you look over my shoulder you will find that it is just as often set to AdobeRGB.

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