Finding Polaris?

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landscaper1 wrote:

I've owned an iOptron SkyTracker Pro for some time and would like to be able to use it.

When I last made the effort (some time ago) I gave up because I found it all but impossible to locate Polaris through the optical sight in the SkyTracker. To begin with, because of light and air pollution I rarely can see Polaris even though I know the approximate area in the sky where it's located.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get around this obstacle? Or am I doomed to forego using a tracker anywhere other than exceptionally clear night skies?

If you can see the stars of the big dipper you should see polaris.

The 2 stars that form the end of the dipper (or 'plow' ) point to polaris. If you start earlier

before it gets too dark it is the only star that the dipper stars point too.

Once it gets dark you will see extra stars in the scope and it gets more difficult.

I live in a 8/9 white zone, and can see polaris easily, once the dipper becomes apparent.

This is way before it is dark enough to observe or photograph.

If the air is so polluted you cant see polaris, picture are going to be very difficult.

One thing you can do for now, is slap on a wide lens, and just point in the general direction. Limit your shots to 10-30 seconds and you can get something.

Even semi poor first photos can be pretty exciting.  Follow some of these suggestions posted here and get back to us. We will get you shooting.  Cheers

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