Looking for an ICC profile for Epson Premium Presentation Matte on SC-P800

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So usually NOT fully color-managed

This latest post indeed provides a lot of useful detail and specifics.

I have the option of ‘Photoshop Manages Colors’ or ‘Printer Manages Colors’. I normally use the latter if I can.

When you use printer manages colors, you're not using a fully color-manged workflow. If it produces the results you like, fine, but the degree of user control is reduced.

If I do that I have no ability to set the ‘Printer Profile’.

Right. And in fact, even in the printer driver, you cannot choose an ICC profile. What you're choosing there is (as always) a media type, plus other options for color that are a bit of a 'black box' (ignoring for a moment Epson's ABW).

If I set the Color Handling to Photoshop Manages Colors I am presented with a a list of ICC profiles.

Right. That should be the list of the ICC profiles in C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color.

If I click the ‘Print Settings’ I am presented with the driver control panel. There are all kinds of things I can do with this but in this case I want to select the paper e.g.:

These select the paper

They (as always) select the media type for the paper, which controls things like the amount of ink sprayed and the thickness of the paper for the feed mechanism.

and, because I have chosen 'Printer Manages Colors', they also select the color profile.

I'm pretty sure that they are not exactly selecting a regular ICC profile in the same way that you'd do if you'd used Photoshop manages colors. What you are getting is Epson's 'recipes' for color on the Epson papers for which there are media types. If you doubt me about whether this is letting you select an ICC profile, try this: download an ICC profile for your printer from the website of Hahnemuhle or Canson or one of the other third-party paper companies, install it, and look: I bet you do see it on the list with Photoshop manages colors, but not on the list in the driver when printer manages colors.

Certainly at least some of the color profiles are not in the external list and must therefore be contained in the driver.

And to me this is the crux of our issue: what I really think is an incorrect assumption that because "some of the color profiles are not in the external list [they] must therefore be contained in the driver." I'm pretty sure they are not. The driver contains media types, and corresponding Epson 'black box' color recipes for those Epson papers that are used when functioning in printer manages color mode.

All I anticipated in my original enquiry was that I could find an ICC profile which I could add to the external list.

Which is why I'm a bit unsure about the direction of this thread: at https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/63844155, pixelgenius replied, "I have all the 'canned' Matt profiles for the P800 if you need them." Then at https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/63845077, Charles2 replied, "I have one for SC-P800 Series Ultra Premium Presentation Matte, dated from 2014 and installed along with the driver package when I got my P800 a year or two later. PM if you want." Did you PM either of them, get an ICC profile from them, and try it? If not, why not? If so, what result did you get?

I think that to make proper use of a profile you've gotten or could get from pixelgenius and/or Charles2, you'd need to use Photoshop manages colors, select that profile, and then in the printer driver (accessed by the Print Settings... button) you'd need to select the appropriate media type (if your version of the driver has it) and set Mode to Off (No Color Adjustment).

I hope that dispels the confusion.

I think so. I understand what you've done. You may still think I'm wrong about whether you're accessing ICC profiles (instead of media types) in the printer settings, but you can check that by getting an ICC profile from pixelgenius and/or Charles2, and I suggest also Hahnemuhle or Canson or similar.

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