Looking for an ICC profile for Epson Premium Presentation Matte on SC-P800

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Re: Epson paper names

I thought my original request was simple so I only used simple terminology but things have since got much more complicated.

When wanting to print (in this case from Photoshop) I call up a window labeled ‘Print Settings’

Most of these functions are obvious but I will come back to the ‘Print Settings’ down below. I have the option of ‘Photoshop Manages Colors’ or ‘Printer Manages Colors’. I normally use the latter if I can. If I do that I have no ability to set the ‘Printer Profile’. If I set the Color Handling to Photoshop Manages Colors I am presented with a a list of ICC profiles. But not only do I not want them but in this case they don’t contain what I want.

If I click the ‘Print Settings’ I am presented with the driver control panel.

There are all kinds of things I can do with this but in this case I want to select the paper e.g.:

These select the paper and, because I have chosen 'Printer Manages Colors', they also select the color profile. Certainly at least some of the color profiles are not in the external list and must therefore be contained in the driver. All I anticipated in my original enquiry was that I could find an ICC profile which I could add to the external list.

I hope that dispels the confusion.

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