A message to SIGMA CEO Mr Kazuto Yamaki

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Re: A message to SIGMA CEO Mr Kazuto Yamaki

The ultra compact Panasonic 20mm is one of the all time most sold lenses on m43. Its was one of their earliest ones and they made it a kit lens.

Panasonic theb did a V2.

Then hopped down to a Leica branded 15mm f1.7.

And did a couple of expensive 25mm lenses.

But no v3 revision of the 20mm for ttt get e video age. 
Clearly they know this 20mm niche is there - choosing to not do much there

In all this time Signa at most dipped their toe in the water with a clearly not directly competing 19mm f2.8.

Sigma followed that with a gigantic 16mm f1.4. Did not give a fig about a better 19mm. 
But Sigma joins L mount and we see a very expensive m43 12-25 fast zoom with Sigma involvement .

Product lineup with risk of cannibalization if a better 19mm or 20mm Prince?

Colkusion?Coopetition?  Yep I think so....

I’d say there’s a Panasonic 20mm f1.2 made by Sigma at some point...in the future.

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