Finding Polaris?

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Re: Finding Polaris?

I also have such an electronic inclinometer, for use with mt altazimuth refractor or Dobson scope.

Latitude wedge with bubble level against a Super Polaris mount.

But for adjusting the mount I use a DIY adjustable latitude wedge with a bubble level with the Super Polaris mount. When I use that mount, I sometimes adjust using the setting circles with help of the Stellarium or Skysafari app on my smartphone.

First I setup the mount + tripod to (roughly) north.

After setting the correct polar axis elevation, I point at the zenith by adjusting the mount RA and decl circles until the telescope is vertical with bubble level, set the DE circle to my latitude and the RA circle to zero.

Then I look up a conventiently placed bright star (not too high and as close as possible to East or West) in the app and look up its declination and hour angle and then I point the scope with the setting circles to this position. Then the star is probably a few degrees out of field in horizontal direction. Then I loosen the screw of the mount on the tripod and rotate the mount (horizontally) until the star is in the field. I use a low power eyepiece with a FOV of at least 2 degrees. I tighten the screw and then I am done.
It is just a manual two star alignment where the first 'star' is actually the zenith point.

This alignment sometimes works even with two minutes unguided with 400mm (FF).

But for 400+ mm I use the polar scope, and in the South it even easier, because the +6.9 star BQ Octantis (not Sigma !) is only 10' off the pole, so I center that star in the FOV of the polar scope.

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