Looking for an ICC profile for Epson Premium Presentation Matte on SC-P800

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Re: Epson paper names

Eric Stevens wrote:

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

The problem at the heeart of all this was that some of the profiles were embedded in the driver and could not be loaded into the colour profile directory.

This almost cannot be correct. Do you mean that the media types differ in different national editions of the drivers? That I could maybe believe, although I tend to suspect that the majority the time the issue is merely knowing how to translate the name of the paper you bought into the name used in the country for which the driver is intended.

Not all of them. I have just given an example in a previous answer.

Presumably the previous answer to which you're referring is the reply (at https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/63848385) where you wrote:

For example, even now, I can, through the setup menu, access a profile for 'Epson Photoquality Inkjet'. There is no sign of that profile in my computer's list of profiles.

What you're accessing through the printer driver* is a media type, not an ICC profile. This can be confusing because for Epson's own papers and certain semi-generic designations,** the names of the media type and the ICC profile are the same or very similar. There are probably two places you can set this in the driver:

Epson printer driver "Main" tab, "Type" is for media types


Epson printer driver Advanced tab, media type options

But I'd bet $100 that in all cases, either (1) the ICC profile is where it's supposed to be, albeit maybe under a file name you don't recognize, or (2) there is in fact no ICC profile and no way to select one in the driver, even if the driver lets you select a media type of that name.

* You refer to "the setup menu", which I understand as the printer driver, which is what you access in the Windows version of Lightroom, in the Print module, with the Page Setup... button, and you access generally in Windows through Settings -> Devices -> Printers & scanners -> [the name of your printer] -> Manage -> Printing preferences.

** Properly speaking, an ICC printing profile pertains to a specific combination of printer + inks + driver settings (including but not limited to media type) + paper; what the profile does is characterize the behavior of that specific combination. I'm pretty sure Epson does not sell a paper it calls "Epson Photoquality Inkjet", even though it does have a media type and at least in some cases an actual ICC profile for such a generic paper. It seems to me to be a 'use this if you don't have something more specific' pair of media type and ICC profile.

I really don't want to argue but you are wrong on all these points. That you don't know what I mean by a 'setup menu' highlights that we are talking at cross purposes. First of all I am using a PC. Are you using a Mac? Is your printer an Epson - let alone an Epson P800? I did not make up that reference to Epson Photoquality inkjet. It pops up in the list of matte papers. What's more, I've got an old box of it in my paper cabinet. I think we had better get things straightened out between us before we go much further.

Let me see if this helps as I'm using the P800 on Mac.

What you see below are media settings, not ICC profiles. Specifically I've shown the two for Matt papers in the Epson drivers.

All papers, Epson's branded or otherwise should provide a suggestion of what media setting here to select with and in addition to a specific ICC paper profile.

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