Looking for an ICC profile for Epson Premium Presentation Matte on SC-P800

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Re: Epson paper names

I really don't want to argue but you are wrong on all these points.

You came here with a problem, and I'm trying not to argue but to offer both a solution and a deeper level of understanding. You're more than welcome to ignore me / my posts, and I won't respond further unless you ask me to.

One thing that would be helpful to understanding your needs is to know what software you use to print. I don't recall your saying, but it may matter.

Nevertheless, I'm fairly confident that I'm right about my basic points here. You don't normally access ICC profiles through the printer driver / settings.* Generally Epson printer driver installers install not only the driver proper, but also pairs consisting of a media type (which is what you select in the driver or 'setup' if you want to call it that) and an ICC profile (which you select in the software from which you're printing, Lightroom or Qimage or whatever, in conjunction with a rendering intent like perceptual or relative colorimetric, and sometimes an option for black-point compensation). Not only do you not select an ICC profile in the driver / printer setup, but also in a color-managed workflow you expressly tell the printer not to do anything like that. In my screenshot of the Advanced tab, that's the combination of setting Color Management to ICM and checking the Off (No Color Adjustment) checkbox.

That you don't know what I mean by a 'setup menu' highlights that we are talking at cross purposes.

Questions / problems tend to get better responses when they are stated with maximum clarity. I told you precisely how to get to the points I was showing. If you do the same, it would help.

First of all I am using a PC. Are you using a Mac?

I print from machines running Windows 10, and before that, I printed from machines running Windows 7. I'm aware that color management with a Mac differs considerably.

Is your printer an Epson - let alone an Epson P800?

The screenshots I posted above were from my personal Epson printer, albeit an R280 instead of a P800. AFAIK, the basic Epson approach to installer / driver / media types / ICC profiles remained the same through the P800 and up until the introduction of the P7570 and P9570, which do use a different system.

I did not make up that reference to Epson Photoquality inkjet. It pops up in the list of matte papers.

I've never suggested you made it up. Indeed, I have an ICC profile for a paper with the same or a very similar name.

What's more, I've got an old box of it in my paper cabinet. I think we had better get things straightened out between us before we go much further.

I remain happy to try to help, if you want. My general view is: if you want to use that old box of paper in your paper cabinet, and use a fully color-managed workflow to have it come out precisely right, then you will need both a version of the driver with the correct media type, and the correct ICC profile. Epson has varied the names of the papers over time and in different countries, so it may be that the media type and/or ICC profile you need will be called something else, which can be a bit tricky to decipher.

*Indeed, the only reason I can think of where you'd even want to access ICC profiles through the printer driver / settings is where for some reason you cannot print from fully color-managed software. I've seen that function in Canon printer drivers, but not Epson--but maybe Epson has added it. In the Canon driver, what I get is a list of all the ICC profiles in their normal location (C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color). I've never used that function because for anything that matters, I always print from color-managed software.

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