How do you do fresh Windows installs?

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Re: How do you do fresh Windows installs?

Its EASY EASY EASY!!!!! People blow this way out of proportion IME, or they tinker without skills needed & screw up the system after.  Just do a web search & follow the directions on the Microsoft site or via Windows Search for the OS version that you have now.. Basically you download an ISO to a USB stick, then boot from the stick & Windows will install.

Probably ALL of your drivers will be installed with the OS & also as the new OS finds the device & you can tell it to search the web of say the manufacturer. Otherwise, back up the drivers first & then point the OS to the folder with the backups to load from. Again, do  a web search to learn how to do that & again it's EASY.

Yes you may have to reinstall programs but that's your problem not the OS.

I use relatively few programs & few that MUST be installed immediately, so the rest are done as needed, vs. insisting that all be as it was before the clean install. I also use as many portable programs as possible, so again it's very quick & easy for my situation, even if the programs are 10-15-20 years old, but that also depends on the program & the code used. Some crap won't install. Nothing's forever.

I also don't use the newest or fanciest hardware & I've yet to have a W10 OS problem.

Be calm, breathe & don't blow it out of proportion. Just use the web search to learn how to do things properly & stop listening to Microsoft doomsdayers.

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