Finding Polaris?

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landscaper1 wrote:

stargazer ch wrote:

Lastly - don’t overdo polar alignment if you only want to image at small focal lengths(say <85mm). And as long as exposure time is small (<30 sec) a rough alignment is more than enough to produce good results.

Just my 50c,


Now that's something I haven't read before. Interesting, inasmuch as I'm extremely unlikely to be shooting anything longer than 35mm, and then never more than 50mm.

Polar scope is good for long lenses, less helpful for wide. Certainly you want to get it as good as you can - but with light pollution likely to lead to shorter exposure and a wider lens - just point it properly north, set the declination and take some test shots.

I managed 120s exposure at a dark site only using latitude and compass, and eventually the eye peephole (not a scope) on my tracker to produce this image, which is a mosaic - shot @ 22mm on a crop. I couldn't site Polaris when setting up - daylight + tree - I did eventually use the peephole when it got dark enough - which is about a 1cm diameter hole you sort of one eye sight through on my tracker...

Muti image mosaic - tracked, stacked, stitched

30s exposures @ 85mm on my 6dmk2 - (I would have shot longer but I left the intervalometer at home). Same process for alignment - angle, north, and in this case sighting through the peephole.

stacked exposures

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