Finding Polaris?

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Re: Finding Polaris?

Following on from bmike‘s suggestions:

  • level the tripod
  • set the angle on your tracker to your geographical latitude. 
  • at Night, Point your tracker roughly towards north.
  • while looking through the finder scope, Turn the tracker left/right around the vertical axis until you see a reasonably bright star. Chancen are high this is Polaris. 
  • fir fine-tuning, use an app (I use the native app from ioptron) to put Polaris at the right place in the circle you may see in your finder scope.

That‘s at least how I manage to find Polaris with my skytracker. 
Lastly - don’t overdo polar alignment if you only want to image at small focal lengths(say <85mm). And as long as exposure time is small (<30 sec) a rough alignment is more than enough to produce good results.

Just my 50c,


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