Finding Polaris?

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Re: Finding Polaris?

How long or wide of a lens are you using?

When I haven't been able to see Polaris with wider lenses I did the following:

1. Level tripod.

2. Adjust declination based on your latitude.

3. Point North with compass (adjust for magnetic declination). My tracker has a declination / compass mount for it.

Then, if using a long lens, or needing really long exposures, once it gets dark sight through the scope... but if you are in heavily light polluted areas a long exposure might just blow out your image.

I'm using a Vixen Polarie - so I also open SkyWalk2, search for Polaris, then put the phone on the back of the mount, and tweak (if needed). Now that I have a polar scope for it I do steps 1-3 and sight through (assuming I can see Polaris...)

You might have to wait until you can travel a bit and get out of the city though, if you are having trouble seeing.

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