GFX 50S Durability / Repair Cost

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icor1031 wrote:

I'm considering using a GFX 50S to shoot weddings, but only if it's cost effective. Should I expect that it would last twice as long as a 5D Mark IV? Or that repair costs would not be substantial?

Using ebay, the price of the GFX is roughly double.

Look at it another way.

Why would you want to spend any more money on a dead end system like EOS?

The EF mount is done, the new R mount will get all of Canon's R&D money moving forward.

You are throwing money at an old camera system, and a legacy DSLR body - when you should be looking to mirrorless and a new lens system with a bright future.

GFX is a mirrorless system, so you're already going to be in a better position shooting any natural light wedding work - WYSIWYG EVF can't be bettered for this.

GFX is high resolution giving you stunning IQ and more crop-ability for final prints.

GFX has an industry leading lens system that will outperform all of your L series glass - I know, I've owned most of both. You can review my equipment lists on DPR.

GFX 50S and R are superb wedding machines - not the spray and pray kind of wedding shooter, the professional, considered, jaw dropping image kind of wedding shooter, who can demand a higher fee and who gets more orders for prints and albums.

I have enjoyed shooting weddings with both, and the clients are ecstatic with the quality of the resulting images.

It also critically upgrades you the photographer, to really focus on your technique to deliver world class images.

It separates you from the competition, and becomes a USP for your business.

Now's the time to move from EF - in fact three years ago was the time, but now will do just fine.

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