GFX 50S Durability / Repair Cost

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Re: GFX 50S Durability / Repair Cost

matteroner wrote:

Again, even with the 100, you have to ask yourself how do I monetize this purchase. My guess is 2 things. 1 cropability. 2 adding high res video clips. And maybe 3 shallow depth of field shots might garner some edge.

Cropability is a definite consideration.  I've seen some GFX 100 users remark that you can take one exposure and basically have multiple photos from it.  Their examples showed that it was true, and it was very impressive.  Even for me, the GFX 50S crop potential is really shocking.  Coming from a 20 megapixel camera before the GFX 50S, being able to crop so much of the frame and realize that the resolution still exceeds 20 megapixels blows me away every time.

Video may be a bit iffy - the camera is capable, but some reviewers have remarked on a strong "jello effect" with movement.  Certain "full frame" cameras are bound to be better for video.

Shallow DoF is a tricky one.  If you're sticking purely with native lenses, you can actually go more shallow with current "full frame" cameras.  This may change as Fuji releases more wide-aperture lenses.  Adapt a lens like the Sigma Art 105mm f/1.4 and it's true that, for the same framing, you'll have a more shallow DoF with the GFX... but then you're adapting a lens.  There are "smart" adapters so that you can adapt lenses and still have autofocus, and it sounds as if the performance penalty isn't horrible.  But again, if you're working in a fast-paced environment where every second could count, I'd be nervous to be relying on a solution like that.

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