DSC-RX35 concept

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Re: DSC-RX35 concept

edform wrote:

hfolkertsma wrote:

Just for fun. 1” sensor, 35 equivalent prime with a bright aperture for the small sensor. Added grip, EVF...

Would you buy something like this?

It's possible place in the world is taken by the RX100 series and, if you mentally enlarge the glass in the lens, you can see that it's actually an RX1 with it's core shrunk to fit a silly small sensor and a matching lens. What's the point?

The point is, it would be pocketable. Nothing wrong with a small sensor. Want a bigger sensor, plenty of other cameras that already tick that box.
Pentax Q comes to mind, but they made it interchangeable.

elliottnewcomb wrote:

1st post, welcome to the forum.

1" sensor, no way I would want to be limited by 35mm, I was happy when rx100m1,m2 widened to 24mm m3-7

actually, I want RX1r wide, 28mm 42mp, or, at 42mp, why not 24mm FF sensor, crop the crap out of it, for 28 or 35 easily. still jacket pocket size, shallow focus machine!

I used to want a modern R!, APS-C sensor fixed lens, but it would be a compormise, 1" pants pocket; FF jacket pocket, both in small shoulder case ....

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But something like that already exists, the Leica Q. Something like that will never be pocketable.

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