Insanely Priced Lens Hood...need help finding an alternative

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Re: Insanely Priced Lens Hood...need help finding an alternative

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I lost my lens hood to the my PL12-60 lens last year and a replacement is ~$90 on Panasonic's and Adorama's website. Does anyone know of any place to find an alternative. All the knock off ones I've seen can't be reversed on to the lens and have other issues.

Rubber screw on hood. Can get them any size you need. Here’s one of many:

I use those B+W folding rubber lens hoods for a lot of different lenses, but they tend to vignette at wider angles. That’s why there are those tulip petal (?) lens hoods for wide angle lenses.

I wonder if JJC has compatible lens hoods for that len? I got a replacement lens hood for the Oly 12-40mm that works quite well.

Funny you should like them! Every time I've bought a rubber hood, I hope it will work. I go out with it and end up partially vignetting my shots because the hood too readily gets knocked sideways and doesn't bounce back!

So now I put up with screw in plastic ones - sometimes cutting off the lower petal for convenience. Especially on my 12-40mm. (I haven't got a 12-60, but would probably go the same way!)


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