Any third party renaming software options that work with dng files?

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Re: Any third party renaming software options that work with dng files?

Gavin Wade wrote:

Cariboo wrote:

The FIRST thing that I do after copying the files from the memory card to the HDD, is I rename the Canon files with Advanced Renamer, with the original camera created capture date & time prefix, but I DO NOT CHANGE the ORIGINAL camera created ending sequential #'s, so it looks like 20200414_123027_####.cr2, then if an xmp file is created, say with FastRawViewer, it will be the same as the Canon file & then when the file is converted to DNG, the DNG keeps the same changed file name & original ending camera created sequence. There is zero reason for me to reorder the files from say 0001->0010 for that day, vs. having gaps in the sequence as original files are culled out of the sequence. So the Canon file that is archived is always the same name as the DNG coverted file. I never have to rename a DNG file & therefore mess with the metadata & then it's easy to search or match a Canon file to the DNG.

How do you get it to rename with the YYYYMMDD format?

I can't seem to get rid of the underscores and the time

All it does is YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM_SS

In the renaming Text box, you can put your cursor beside an underscore & backspace to delete it. You can type or remove or change anything that you want in the text box. OR your can click the 3 dots ... beside the New Name box field & that will pop up another editing box & there you may be able to further edit the EXIF Tools template? Otherwise you may have to create a new template (based on the exif tools info. The < > bracket keys seem to work for me to choose & contain info required?

Here is what mine looks like to add: date & time & to keep the original file name sequence numbers. In my case, this camera has 4, you can add 5 or 6 or whatever your camera counter is up to.

<Img Year><Img Month><Img Day>_<Img Hour><Img Min><Img Sec>_<RSubstr:0:4>

For client files I add: my abbreviated name to the start but you can add any text at the start or anywhere:

eg: jsmith_<Img Year><Img Month><Img Day>_<Img Hour><Img Min><Img Sec>_<RSubstr:0:4>

You could cut & past this in the rename text box to see if would work for your highlighted / selected file(s) in the Preview.

Another camera I have uses:

<Year Created><Month Created><Day Created>_<RSubstr:0:5>

Not sure why I created one vs. the other as it was some time ago, but likely just trial & error to get what I wanted.

Also check the Help file which explains the tags.

Advanced Renamer uses exiftools & is a GUI for exiftools. You can read the Help files of either or both to figure out the renaming tags to try & get to work for you. You may have to try a couple of different combos based on what you did to your DNG files in the past, vs. renaming the new files?

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