IKEA Jansjo LED Modification

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IKEA Jansjo LED Modification

Some reference posts related to the LED use.



Had a IKEA Jansjo LED light clamp break, decided to look at the possibility of modifying the base to allow a standard photo 1/4-20 type mount. While looking into this we noticed the possibility of increasing the light output by replacing the LED module with a more powerful LED COB.

The Cree CMA1306 LED COB appears to fit the IKEA mounting holes, these have 800~1000 lumen output vs. the IKEA 220 lumen output. Of course power dissipation will be ~4X higher also, so pulsed operation may be useful, otherwise the Jansjo case likely will get too hot!

The Cree CMA 1507 or CMA1516 should fit but will require new mounting holes, or thermal adhesive to mount, the 1516 COB has ~2400 lumen and certainly will require pulsed operation, but has 10X the output

The CMA1507 has similar output to the 1306.

These Jansjo lights are nice and small, allowing close positioning with the "Goose Neck" but have limited optical output at a warm ~2700K. So the idea of using a higher power ~5000K LED COB inside the Jansjo case seems intriguing.

However, all these "options" require a different power supply, and to keep thermal management in order require a pulsed operation, so a custom controller/power supply is in order. This controller shown below operates in Current Mode with 4 LED Jansjo modules (more with paralleling) and provides support for the mentioned Cree LED COBs. Separate control for Continuous Modeling and Pulsed output is provided and can be controlled by ON-PCB or remote pots. Pulse output range is from 10ms to 1.2 seconds, but can be easily altered with a pot and/or capacitor change. Camera trigger input is also provided.

I'll be ordering these PCBs and components, let me know if interested.


Controller Schematic

Controller PCB

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