Issue about Tamron 90mm macro with Nikon Z6 + FTZ

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Re: Save $200 on a Non Functioning Lens???

Dan DeLion wrote:

If you get a Tamron 90mm macro that reliably works, it is a fine lens. The problems with Tamron lenses are:

they aren't reliable,

the USA distributer is uniformed and unorganized (amateur?),

90mm is shorter than I like for a micro lens,

reverse engineered software.

The Nikkor 105 VR is also a fine dependable lens that works perfectly on Nikon bodies. IMO It doesn't make sense to spend $2000 or $3000 for a body and then go cheap on lenses to save a couple of hundred bucks. All the while working with a lens you can't depend upon and may not work on future bodies.

I wasn't going cheap. When I bought the Tamron 90mm (replaced the old version with the new one) I was buying a lens that I found superior in several aspects to the Nikon 105mm for my D850.

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