Any third party renaming software options that work with dng files?

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Re: Any third party renaming software options that work with dng files?

The FIRST thing that I do after copying the files from the memory card to the HDD, is I rename the Canon files with Advanced Renamer, with the original camera created capture date & time prefix, but I DO NOT CHANGE the ORIGINAL camera created ending sequential #'s, so it looks like 20200414_123027_####.cr2, then if an xmp file is created, say with FastRawViewer, it will be the same as the Canon file & then when the file is converted to DNG, the DNG keeps the same changed file name & original ending camera created sequence. There is zero reason for me to reorder the files from say 0001->0010 for that day, vs. having gaps in the sequence as original files are culled out of the sequence.  So the Canon file that is archived is always the same name as the DNG coverted file.  I never have to rename a DNG file & therefore mess with the metadata & then it's easy to search or match a Canon file to the DNG.

FastRawViewer for culling is so much faster & superior to Bridge AND it does not create or store ANY CACHED files, which can balloon the Bridge Caches & or scatter them in many image folders depending on the Cache Preferences set. However, FastRawViewer creates xmp files for ratings, color tags & metadata, which is AS IT SHOULD & is the SAFEST method. After my culling, I then convert the few Keeper files to DNG & the xmp data is transferred to the DNG metadata. Then I can easily sort for xmp & do a select all & delete if I wanted to, but rather I store the teeny xmp file with the archived Canon files & then the same metadata is future proofed & can be read by any other RAW software so the metadata input doesn't have to be done again to the original RAW file, which again, is how it's supposed to work. Writing or changing the RAW file is NOT safe nor always readable by other software, which is what I think you may be running into.

If you want to use Bridge for writing metadata, then what I would do, is FIRST rename the original Canon files to what you want using say Advanced Renamer but I would keep the original last 4? sequence #'s vs. renumbering these to be an out of camera new sequence, which really tells you nothing. Then convert the files to DNG & then I'd add the metadata to the DNG files & leave the original RAW Canon files alone, other than having changed the names as the first step, which will then be the same file names as the DNG files.

I've not had any problems doing it this way & all other software can read my Canon raw files or the DNGs.

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