Finding Polaris?

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Re: Finding Polaris?

landscaper1 wrote:

I've owned an iOptron SkyTracker Pro for some time and would like to be able to use it.

When I last made the effort (some time ago) I gave up because I found it all but impossible to locate Polaris through the optical sight in the SkyTracker. To begin with, because of light and air pollution I rarely can see Polaris even though I know the approximate area in the sky where it's located.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get around this obstacle? Or am I doomed to forego using a tracker anywhere other than exceptionally clear night skies?

I have the same problem, that I can't see Polaris with the unaided eye from my backyard, and I have the Skytracker with the pole finder scope. First I make sure  my tripod is level. Then I set the Skytracker to approximately the right declination using the declination scale. Then I use a magnetic compass to turn the Skytracker horizontal axis to  approximately N. Polaris is then typically visible  in the 6 degree FOV of the pole finder scope. Center and you are done.  In California the local declination is about 15 degrees, so N is 345 degree magnetic.


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