"A Dead Frame Walking" The end of the 35mm era has arrived.

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walls and lock-downs

Jan Chelminski wrote:


It has already been clear for some time, but now much more so, since the E-M1X and E-M1 Mk-III, that Olympus's decisive move to the new 4/3 format, optimized from the ground up to balance the requirements of this new era of digital photography, has been truly successful.

Along with Fuji and Panasonic, Olympus has now become an unlikely new leader of this ongoing renaissance in imaging technology.

While 35mm based systems will continue for some time, the writing on the wall is now quite inescapable.

If the writing on the wall is inescapable at a time when everyone is in lock-down, then the wall would need to be inside our own home.

Seems like you wrote this on your own wall, and due to lock-down cannot escape re-reading and being persuaded by you own message

However, while in lock-down, everyone is seeing their own wall, and not all have the same graffiti

Sony's entry into this new field of consumer cameras will also be seen as decisive, but for another reason. By it's size and remarkable* influence, Sony's entry had a great effect on the market and development strategies undertaken by the previous industry leaders, Canon and Nikon during the critical period of transition to their mirror-less digital formats.

It seems likely that the commanding presence of Sony in the market will in the end, be seen as a decisive factor in the downfall of these two venerable camera brands.

More to come on this subject, but, possibly done elsewhere.

Best regards,


* I consider Sony's strange and undue influence here and elsewhere, as an interesting, but separate topic.

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