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Re: Australia

jwBobby458 wrote:

Hi Kevin, Thanks for the reply. Did you notice a reduced IQ when you went for the FZ300, or was it pretty much the same but with faster focusing? I find my focused shots tend to be pretty much hit and miss, and a lot seems to depend on the background and lighting. No surprises there. Tried a Caterpillar in the garden last week, but wasn't totally happy. On the camera screen delighted, but on my computer, meah. I posted these later in this thread.

yes, focusing is hit and miss.  insects move, foliage moves in the breeze, the depth of field is wafer thin.

i shoot in afc and shoot a burst of pics, hoping one of them will be in focus.  it is the nature of field work.

have not noticed any  difference in image quality between fz200 and fz300. the fz300 is much easier to use however.

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