DP 1 Merrill or DP 1 Quattro ?

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Re: DP 1 Merrill or DP 1 Quattro ?

TTLstalker wrote:

Yes the DP 1 Merrill did not have a perfect lens but still it was very good. It lost some sharpness on the outer edges like most wide angle lenses do. The performance looked pretty good in some of the photos taken with it. If I go with a Quatro I might opt for the DP0.

Also consider the DP1Q with Ricoh GW4. Gives you both 28mm and 21mm FOV.


As far as Quattro vs Merrill... Quattro all the way. MUCH more functional camera. Battery life is considerably better, AF is quite a bit better and shooting DNG is soooo much nicer than trying to deal with SPP on a regular basis. The LCD viewer on the Quattro's is wonderful for wide angle, using the LCD without it is tough to see details of a wide angle and the Merrills screen isn't nearly as good. The screen also really changes the feel of the admittedly odd body. Without it it is just weird. With it on the body feels more like a 6x6 MF SLR with an attached grip, but smaller and lighter.


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