Cataract Surgery and Photography

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Re: Cataract Surgery and Photography

I have worn glasses for 40+ years, and had cataract surgery in my left (non-dominant) eye) several years ago.  I was getting increasingly cloudy vision, so the eye needed it.  My right eye was (and is still okay), so the surgeon strongly recommended waiting until that eye needed it.  The result was that I now have near-perfect distance vision in my left eye, with the right eye still needing correction for distance vision.

I find that my two eyes compensate each other, and I have good enough distance vision that I can avoid wearing glasses and see still small objects (e.g.. BIF).  I use the dial-in diopter correction on the viewfinder to compensate for the vision in my right eye, and use a loupe to view the images on the lcd.  All in all, the surgery worked out very well, and I find that not having to put on/remove my eyeglasses when taking photos a great convenience.

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