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Re: Found the problem, Steve!

xpatUSA wrote:

Basically, the capture was well under-exposed. Contrary to intuition this can increase saturation in the capture.

Here's the X3F raw histogram for the whole image:

The red channel is 3EV underexposed.

For some petals:

I'd say less than 2EV DR for the reds - does not bode well for detail contrast.

Couldn't resist a go. In SPP 5.5.3 and viewing only the red histogram, I increased the exposure slider until the brightest red was around 245 according to the color picker. Everything else at default. Saved half-size sRGB JPEG Q9:

Not a lot of detail contrast, for which I blame the under-exposure, sorry.

Off to RawTherapee as a 16-bit TIFF only gained a slight improvement:

It is often thought that brightly-lit flowers are more saturated that those in lower lighting, and people cut back on exposure for that reason. But the opposite is usually the case.

So ETTR still rules OK especially with the low-sensitivity red layer in the Merrill sensors ...

Thanks, Ted !  I took a series of photos of the garden in bright light and noticed the red flowers were really susceptible to clipping highlights leaving whiteout patches.  Reducing the EV to expose for the highlights solved that issue.  Obvs it seems to mess with other areas of exposure.  ETTR just blows the highlights on red and yellow petals.  For each exposure I bracket three shots at 0.3 EV difference, so, will go back and look at the other pics and see if any are better exposed

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Best, Steve

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